Standardizing TMS Electrophysiology Setup



In order to achieve reproducibility in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) experiments, we are currently developing and improving a standardized TMS electrophysiology setup. Our aim is to establish a robust and consistent methodology that can be replicated across different research settings.

One significant aspect of our setup involves the precise and stereotactic positioning of the TMS coil within the micrometer range. By implementing advanced techniques, we have successfully developed a system that allows us to accurately position the TMS coil with exceptional precision. This meticulous positioning ensures consistent and reliable targeting of specific brain regions.

To ensure comparability across experiments, we employed X-ray imaging to examine the TMS coils. This process enabled us to determine the exact number of turns in each coil, thereby providing a standardized basis for coil characterization. In addition, we utilized a pick-up coil to measure the induced electric field (E-field). By incorporating this component into our setup, we can accurately assess the strength and distribution of the electric field generated by the TMS coil during stimulation. This measurement provides crucial insights into the impact of the TMS on neuronal activity and aids in fine-tuning the experimental parameters. By implementing these advancements and standardization procedures, we aim to establish a reliable and reproducible TMS electrophysiology setup.

Cooperation partners: Cornelius Schwarz (HIH Institute); Ulf Ziemann (HIH Institute); Axel Oeltermann (MPI Tübingen)

Alumni coworkers:  Dr. Bingshuo Li



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