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M. Sc. Seemann, Jens

PhD Student


Section for Computational Sensomotorics
Department of Cognitive Neurology
Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research
Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
University Clinic Tübingen
Otfried-Müller-Str. 25
72076 Tübingen, Germany

+497071 2989125

Jens Seemann


Reviewed Publications

Thierfelder, A., Seemann, J., John, N., Giese, M. A., Schöls, L., Timman, D. et al. (2021). Turning movements in real life capture subtle longitudinal and preataxic changes in cerebellar ataxia. bioRxiv. [More] 
Ilg, W., Seemann, J., Giese, M. A., Traschütz, A., Schöls, L., Timmann, D. et al. (2020). Real-life gait assessment in degenerative cerebellar ataxia: Towards ecologically valid biomarkers. Neurology, 95(9):e119-e210. [More] 
Ilg, W., Seemann, J. & Synofzik, M (2019). Unravelling quantitative measures of free-living ataxic gait in cerebellar patients using wearable sensors. In: International Symposium on Posture and Gait Research Edinburgh: 2019, P1-Q-139, 192 . [More]